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Samantha Fox - I only wanna be with you

I don't know what it is 
That makes me love you so 
I only know I never want to let you go 
'Cos you started something. Can't you see 
That ever since we've met you've had a hold on me 
It happens to be true 
I only wanna be with you 

It doesn't matter where you go or what you do 
I'd love to spend each moment of the day with you 
Look what has happened just one kiss 
I never knew that I that I could be in love like this 
It's crazy but it's true 
I only wanna be with you 

You stopped, you smiled at me 
Asked me why can't you dance 
I fell into your open arms 
And I didn't stand a chance 

Now listen honey I just wanna be beside you everywhere 
As long as we're together honey I don't care 
'Cos you started something. Now can't you see 
That ever since we've met you've had a hold on me 
No matter what you do 
I only wanna be with you 

Samantha Fox - Naughty girls 

Maybe, just maybe 
Naughty girls need love too 

I've been told time and time again 
That you can't treat love like a game 
But I play rough with hearts that never mend 
'Cause some guys like you do the same 
Love was just a four-letter word 
Never heard, how absurd, how could it be 
But now I can't believe this is real 
How I feel, now you steal my heart away from me 

Used to be so good and so bad 
Sex was something I just had 
Used to always know what to do 
Now you've got me confused 

Baby don't let me be misunderstood 
Temporary love's so bad, but it feels so good 
Then along came you, now I know it's true 
Naughty girls need love...too 

Then came you 
Then came you 

Yes it's true, I'm in love with you 
And believe it baby, this time your love won't get away 
Stay here, in the place to be - we can get busy my way 
For six forevers and a day-ay-ay 
Ooh, it's only you I adore 
So much more then my body was asking for 
Yes, your love is breaking my chill 
Even still, there's a thrill in my heart 

Samantha Fox was such a wild dame, huh, but what's in a name 
(S-S-Samantha S-S-S-S-Samantha Fox!) 
No more fun and games of the mind - let's get busy 1 time 


So moving like you're forty 
This groove is much too naughty 
Can't you see, I want you just for me 
Boys, make some noise 
Girl, I want to shower you with diamonds and... 
Please don't tease, if you lie my heart will freeze 
Freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze... 

Samantha Fox - Nothing's gonna stop me now

Nothing's gonna stop me now 
Nothing's gonna stop me now 

There was a time 
I couldn't get you out of my mind 
And since the day you came 
you tried to take control of me 
Then, came the day 
I thought about runnin' away 
And now my bags are packed 
Don't even think of holdin' me back 

Nothing's gonna stop me now 
And I don't wanna talk it over 
I said nothing's gonna stop me now 
Gonna break it up 
Gonna take my love away 

Day after day 
I started slippin' away 
You took my self respect and 
You made a fool of me 
Time after time 
I turned it round in my mind 
And now my mind's made up 
To leave the past behind me 

Nothings gonna stop me now

Samantha Fox - Touch me

Oh touch me - this is the night 
Oh touch me - I wanna feel your body 

Full moon in the city and the night was young 
I was hungry for love I was hungry for fun. 
I was hunting you down and I was the bait 
When I saw you there I didn't need to hesitate. 

This is the night, this is the night 
This is the time, we've qot to get it right. 
Touch me, touch me, I want to feel your body 
Your heart beat next to mine. 
Touch me, touch me now 

Quick as a flash you disappeared into the night 
Did I hurt you boy? Didn't I treat you right? 
You made me feel so good, made me feel myself 
Now I'm alone and you're with somebody else. 

Hot and cold emotion confusing my brain 
I could not decide between pleasure and pain. 
Like a tramp in the night I was begging for you 
To treat my body like you wanted to. 

Touch me, touch me, I want to feel your body 
Your heart beat next to mine 
'Cause I want your body all the time 

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