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Stern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktiv

My wings are clipped 
See the steps that made me trip 
Now I'm so lonely 

Time's frozen flame 
Seem to linger in the rain 
Holding me only 

Like a river 
I'm flowing 
And there's no way of knowing 
if I'm coming or going 
I need something to chain me down 

But it don't matter 
My eyes have seen... 
For better 
Out of blue comes green 

Mother I have gone wrong 
Work my fingers to the bone 
All I've been doing 

Proud that I am 
To be born into such hands 
Your love so renewing 

And I know I can lose it 
Part of life you can't choose it 
As I touched the horizon 
It just felt like I'd die soon 

Don't matter 
My eyes have seen 
For better 
Out of blue comes green