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Hey listen honey, something you should know 
This can't wait 
I've been meaning to tell you a long time ago 
And today's that day 
I'll put it straight 
No, it just can't wait 

Oh sure, it took a little time 
I know that's true 
But this business been preying on my mind 
Since I met you 
The thing is babe, 

Between your mama and yourself 
Forced to choose and without help 
With a margin, you know it's true 
The one I love 
Well, it's eh...prpbably you 

C'mon now, stay a little while 
Before you go 
This thing, it's been preying on my mind 
But even so 
This I know 

You've got to know 
It's got to show 
Yeah, I've got to let her go