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Stern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktiv

Chasing cabs in a snowstorm 
Wondering why we are so warm 
Head and scarf, we look daft 
It's our own choice, own choice 

Staring in at warm windows 
Making our own TV shows 
Volume off, the sound of 
Traffic noise, this noise 

Ch: Lie down, arms out, arms up and down 
So cold below 
Get up, look back, what's left behind? 
The ghost of an angel in the snow. 

Watch our breath as it freezes 
Feel the ground give beneath us 
Tearful eyes, the wind tries 
To break right in, right in 

Full of hot tea and lockets 
Holding hands in your pocket 
Feel your pulse with my pulse 
Feels so thin, so thin 

Repeat Ch x 2 

The traffic lights, go ahead go ahead 
White, white and white, go ahead go ahead 

Repeat Ch x 2