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Stern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktiv

Where are those happy days 
they seem so hard to find 
I try to reach for you 
but you have closed my mind 
Whatever happened to our love ? 
I wish I understood 
It used to be so nice 
it use to be so good 

So when you near me, Darling 
can't you hear me 
The love you gave me 
nothing else can save me 
When you're gone 
I can hide even try to go on 
When you're gone 
Now I try, how can I carry on 

It seems so far away 
for you were standing near 
It makes me feel alive 
with something dial I feel 
I really try to make it out 
I wish I understood 
What happened to our love 
It used to be so good 

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