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Stern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktiv

Do i here what 
I think i.m hearing do i see the signs i think i see or is this Just a fantasty is it tru that the beast is 
Waking stirring in his restless sleep tonight in the pale Moonligh in the grip of this cold december you and i have 
Reason to remember 

Soldiers write the song 
Thre soldier sing the song that you and i don't sing 
They blow their horns 
And march along 
They drum their drums 
And look so strong 
You'd think that 
Nothing in 
World was wrong 

Soldiers write the song 

That soldiers sing 
The song that 
You and i won't sing 
Les not look the other way 
Taking a chance 
Cause if the burglar 
Starts to play 
We too must dance 

What's the sound 
What's that 
Dreadful rumble 
Won't sonmbody 
Tell me what i hear 
In the distance 
But drawing near 
Is it only 
A storm approaching 
All that thunder 
And the buildinglight 
In the winter night 
In the grip 
Of this cold december 
You and i 
Have reason 
To remember 

Soldiers write the.....