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Stern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktivStern inaktiv

I've seen you twice in a short time 
Only a week since we started 
It seems to me fopr evry time 
I'm getting more open hearted, 
I was an impossible case 
No one ever could reach me, 
But I think I can see in your face 
There's a lot you can teach me 
So I wanna know 

What's the name of the game 
Does it mean anything to you 
What's the name of the game 
Can you feel it the way I do 
Tell me please 'cause I have to know 
I'm a bashful child beginning to grow 

And you make me talk 
And you make me feel 
And you make me show 
What I'm trying to conceal 
If I trust in you 
Would you let me down 
Would you laugh at me 
If I said I care for you 
Could you feel the same way too 
I wanna know 
The name of the game 

I have no friends no one to see 
And I am never invited 
Now I am here talking to you 
No wonder I get excited 
Your smile and the sound of your voice 
And the way you see through me 
Gotta feeling you gimme no choice 
But it means a lot to me 
So I wanna know 

What's the name of the game, ... 

What's the name of the game, ...