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Camouflage - X-Ray

Focus my eyes, I'll get in your mind, 
sleepy now I'll do no harm in any kind 
Truth can ease it, 
what you can't deny, 
everyone is hiding something 
deep inside. 
Try to be wide open, 
I will promise, that you'll see 
new relief will free your fantasy 
One by one we'll make it 
all your fears will come to me, 
new relief will free your fantasy. 

You will lose the anguish in your life 
happiness is all that stays inside 
no one knows the difference till he tries 
everything depends on your alone, 
I'll strip you to your bones. 

Also happy, I'm a gentle guy 
I will keep it all and no one will look behind. 
Useful somehow, 
in a different way 
as I took it, I might give it back someday. 
That's no strange behavior, 
there's a coercion in my being 
Your relief rakes my insanity. 
Hyde is Jekyll's pleasure, 
there's the coercion in my being 
Your relief rakes my insanity.