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Zao - At Zero (Simeon Simmons)

I'm at zero. 
Release the controls, 
preparation for the ending, 
the end is soon. The end is soon. 
I'm at zero. 
I will not die at zero 

Zao - Fall Farewell

in a time of quietness i reflect on childhood memories 
caught wisping through my mind falling leaves create the 
stage words spoken were not cherished on the last day of 
our friendship and those words were possibly the last what 
were your thoughts as a dreaming child i awaken to a 
nightmare after a gentle nudge i find out you're gone 
the machines that kept you alive were careless did 
you ask Him to forgive you before you passed on you 
slipped away into the ground.. you broke the vanity... 
you brought the silence ... (i hope you are with Jesus.) 

Zao - FJL (Instrumental)

If I go 
Will you come back 
and no one else sees 
Will it be me 
Will this be 
A sentiment I share 
If u care give purpose to this place 
or nothing 
Can we leave 
Believe in me 

Zao - Trashcanhands

You think because you bought the record, 
you read a list of thanks, 
you can judge our lives (you've identified)? 
A favour we provide. 
Little forum boys with your polished cyber toys. 
Read your bucket comment, your three piece bulletin. 
Pout pout, boo hoo, talk talk, pout boo hoo hoo hoo. 
How is our identity working out for you? 
It's funny how you justify me (us) on opinion, 
an idea that I do this for you. 
Dscboy, firekid, you know who you are (and what you do). 
We wrote this song for you. 

Zao - Witchhunter

I watch as my dreams bleed. 
Which one of you hunters got me? 
She's waiting and watching. 
Will she be there for me? 
Who's got me? Who loves me? 
I've lost my turn. 
This world, this world I've created, it makes me and breaks me. 
All alone. 

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