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Zero Down - Bite the Hand That Feeds

I have no interest in self-preservation, emptiness is like an old friend. 
I have no motive or any inclination, of doing anything for any one again. 
I've been the patsy, I've been the fool, 
I've been the scapegoat, now all of that is through. 
Don't want to sit and wonder when the end is near, 
don't want to know where I'll be in 20 years. 
Because I bite the hand that feeds. 
Easy to call me selfish, after years of nurtured apprehension. 
I have no shame I take the blame, no more subordination. 
I gave up my self-esteem for a false security, 
and foolishly I chased that dream, that had to be force fed to me. 
I play no part in hope that dwindles, reality is such a change of pace. 
I see things now for what they are, and reality is such a different place. 
Nostalgia such a waist of time, so much life left to live. 
I can't dwell on yesterday, I gotta take as much as I give. 

Zero Down - No Apologies

Lately I've been too tired to be that man I used to be. 
Overwhelmed and uninspired does it matter that no one's listening. 
I've looked to find my place, I've searched to see my purpose served 
but every where that I can see people getting what they don't deserve. 
Cause I am what I am, I could change it all but never me. 
It's the pride of a foolish man but I live my life with no apologies. 
Convince the world I'm crazy, in truth maybe I am. 
But I've cut my baggage loose I shed my skin I'm a better man. 
No one left to pull me under no one left to drag me down. 
Standing on my own two feet I find the strength to stand my ground. 
I once dwelled on all the things in life I never had, 
I obsessed on my injustices until it drove me mad, 
and all that hatred that I felt I didn't understand. 
Was everything that held me down and kept me a bitter man. 

Zero Down - Way It Is

My father told me 
Son, it's OK to have ideals, 
but beliefs against your government still won't pay your bills. 
You can raise your fists and publicly resist 
but in the end corruption still exists. 
And no protest song will ever change the world. 
Everybody does exactly as they are told. 
In the end every man works for what is his. 
You can fight the world, but that's just the way it is. 
You're words are not meaningless to me, 
I feel their honesty but it's my life I gotta figure out for me. 
It's what I've always done not what I have become 
and I know the consequences that will come. 
And if I never reach the world or speak to people's souls 
it's a passion that will not die as I grow old. 
It's what I choose to do 
it may not work for you but to myself I know I must be true. 
I am not afraid to stand right where I've stood. 
My beliefs they are unchanged because I believe they should. 
And I'll measure my success one word at a time. 
If the truth is spoken will I stand the test of time. 

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